Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Enzo's Gone

Rems left earlier to take Enzo to the airport. That's his cousin. And one of our closest friends! He lives in Boston. But had been here for a visit for almost a week. We do miss him. But it is nice when he gets to come back home to visit. Rems really enjoys it too! They get to hang out.

On this round, they enjoyed football. Yup, I endured 2 days of football! OK, so I spent my time watching YouTube videos. The guys watched football. But it was nice to have our dear friend home again. If we could just get Littlebit to be here too. We would be in business!

I have to say, it is quiet around here now. Rems will be a little lonely. He and Enzo are super close. But what can we do. We all know why he lives in Boston. And short of a miracle, he will stay there permanently. I hope he has a good trip home. <3

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