Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our Sunday

It's the 1st Sunday of football season. Rems and Enzo are like 2 bumps on a log. Not moving an inch. Just watching football. This is going to be a long season if every Sunday is like this!!! I am not much of a football fan. Give me baseball, and I am worse than them!!!

I don't know, I think they are either on their 2nd or 3rd game of the day!!! How many games do they show in 1 day??? I don't remember. I really need to find Enzo a woman so we can do something while they watch the games. Except, Enzo is going to be back in Boston on Tuesday. And he is not very receptive of me trying to set him up. Unless of course it is with Miss Littlebit!!!

What have I been doing while the football madness has been on??? I put up a new background on my blog. Do you like? It only took me searching for one. It took over an hour to decide on one!!! Then blogger wouldn't let me change my layout. It was being dumb. I would try to add a gadget, and it kept taking me to my dashboard.

I gave up. And decided to watch some YouTube videos. Ya, you know me!!! After I watched a couple, I decided to join twitter. You can add me if you want to. We can chat or whatever!!! After spending another hour or so searching for my friends, I returned to YouTube. And to one of my absolute favorite Gurus, Emily. Look at what I found...

The Exotic Turquoise Eye Tutorial is really pretty. I didn't have the products that Emily used. But I did have similar colors in my makeup collection. I tried this out. And I really like it!!! I think I am going to wear this, to a dinner that Rems and I are going out to, later this week. I also looked at the site that Emily had mentioned. I ordered a few things. But the grey color, the one color I really wanted, was out of stock!!! Darn it!!!

That's been my Sunday! I haven't had to cook. The guys had everything planned ahead of time. And they had food delivered. I can't complain too much about football season. Right? I know that every Sunday we will have good food. And I don't have to cook!!! I just hope that my favorite YouTube Gurus make lots of videos so I have something to do during all this football watching. <3

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